Justin Cole

Justin Cole

Founder & CEO

Justin is a media relations and communications expert with extensive domestic and international experience in the public and private sectors helping clients achieve their public relations goals for nearly 25 years. His career includes time at global PR firms leading public education campaigns and stakeholder outreach as well as significant stints in the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and Department of Treasury. 

Justin is the rare mix of a seasoned writer with serious media chops who utilizes his experiences, talents and contacts built over a career in public service on behalf of his clients. Having led media components for international partnerships and organizations, Justin knows how to reach and lead people, but more importantly, he knows how to listen and deliver what his clients need.

Justin's expertise and experiences make him any company's go-to person for media relations, crisis communication, public affairs plans, social media, legislative outreach, and executive coaching and training.  He has handled some of the most sensitive campaigns in our government over the last 20 years with recent specialization in defense and homeland security, tax and other financial crimes, money laundering, terrorist financing and crypto/cyber related areas. 

Justin graduated from the United States Naval Academy where he received a bachelor’s of science degree with an emphasis in political science.  He has two Masters degrees from the University of Oklahoma--one in Communication and one in Human Relations.